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v1.4.0 Update 05/08/24

Yoyoyo! It's been a fat second guys — life has been busy, but I'm super happy to release this update :)




HUUUUGE THANKS (the sim servers are literally being run by your generosity):

One-time sponsors: Quentin Carlier.
SoulSilver sponsors: Bertie Vos, Jack Shwartz, Morgan Gallant & Anonymous.
HeartGold sponsors: Arielle Lok.

That's all for now! As always, please reach out if you have any suggestions.

- XXL <3 :D

v1.3.2 Mini Update 02/28/24

NOTE! Decklists from Fukuako were updated due to an issue with the original images used. Please re-download any decklists prior to Feb 28 here. See v1.3.1 announcement for more details.




BIG THANKS: (the sim is run by your generosity!!):

One-time sponsors: Vu Thach.
SoulSilver sponsors: Bertie Vos, Jack Shwartz, Morgan Gallant & Anonymous.
HeartGold sponsors: Arielle Lok.

More to come soon! If you have any features or suggestions, please message me and/or join the Discord.

- XXL <3

v1.3.1 Announcement 02/26/24

Hi :) Two quick things:

  • Fukuako Decklists: Looking to test the upcoming format? I've made a folder containing the top 16 decks from the Champions League Fukuako, which took place in Japan earlier this month. All of the decklists are in English and can be found here. Simply download the decklist(s) and upload them on the Import tab or the Deck Builder. Also, check out new English proxies here.
  • Cube Koga Support: PTCG-sim now has full support for decklist imports from Cube Koga thanks to the work of Cealgair. Set codes for POP series, several promo sets, and select cases from Limitless should be patched. Please export from Cube Koga using the PTCGO export option.
  • A bigger update is on the way. Hope everyone and their pets (if you have any) are doing superb!!

    - XXL <3

    v1.3.0 Update 02/12/24

    Hi everyone! This is a small update but I hope y'all like the new features + stylistic improvements :)




    THANKS AGAIN (the sim is run by your generosity!!):

    SoulSilver sponsors: Bertie Vos, Jack Shwartz, Morgan Gallant & Anonymous.
    HeartGold sponsors: Arielle Lok.

    As always, I appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions. Until next time!

    - XXL <3

    v1.2.0 Update 01/21/24

    This update was HUGE. Proud to have pushed it; lots of requested changes have been implemented, and I’m relieved to release them. Also, my Github Sponsors page was finally approved if you want to support the continuous open-source development of the sim!

    HUGE SHOUTOUTS (the sim is run by your generosity!!!):

    One-time sponsors: Robert Weidman, Jay Cristiano, Robin Schulz, & Song You.
    SoulSilver sponsors: Bertie Vos, Jack Shwartz, Morgan Gallant & Anonymous.
    HeartGold sponsors: Arielle Lok <3.





    So happy to be working on this and to have so much love from the community. I need some sleep doe.

    - XXL <3333

    v1.1.0 Update 01/12/24

    Welcome to the new year! I’ve been working through some major fixes and adding new features to PTCG-sim. I’m pretty stoked to be getting the sim polished up.

    I’ve also created a donation page if you want to support my journey in building open-source tools for tabletop card games (entirely optional, but greatly appreciated). More on this below!

    Now, let’s get into v1.1.0:


  • Open source: The PTCG-sim repo is now open-source on GitHub! I’m currently figuring out the best way to go about receiving contributions, but in the meantime, feel free to explore the codebase and play around with the sim. I'm happy to answer any questions and I'm always open to suggestions.
  • Fixed desync issues: This has been continuously reported since launch, and a lot of work was put into finding a solution to players disconnecting/reconnecting and seeing different/no cards being put in play. The main issue stemmed from one or both players losing connection. Now, any moves that are missed on either side will automatically be updated upon reconnection. If you continue to see any more problems re: desyncing, please report it on the #bugs-and-suggestions channel.
  • Undo button: There is now the option to undo your last move, and it is stackable (ie. you can undo X times to undo your last X moves). This is currently only available in 1P mode, but will soon be implemented for 2P.


    $5/mo - SoulSilver Tier $25/mo - HeartGold Tier $100/mo - Platinum Tier $15 - One-time Donation Thanks to everyone who has continuously been playing and reporting bugs on #bugs-and-suggestions. Please continue providing as much feedback as you can!

    With love,

    -XXL <3

    v1.0.1 Update 12/31/2023

    Happy New Year's Eve! This is a small update reworking some features and patching bugs. Thanks to everyone on Discord/Twitter for the feedback — keep 'em coming!

    And that’s all for 2023, folks. See you next year!!!

    -XXL <3

    v1.0.0 Update 12/29/2023

    Hi everyone! Thank you all for your support during PTCG-sim’s launch. The feedback and general reception has been overwhelming (in a great way), and I’m happy that so many people in the community are finding great usage out of the sim. If you haven’t already, join our Discord server here to receive the latest updates, report bugs, find matches, share decklists, and more! You can also read the previous Changelog (v0.9.1) following the below.

    Without further ado, let’s dive right into v1.0.0:

    There have been reports of desyncing issues. We’re looking into this - if you’ve experienced anything similar, please share on our Discord server in the #bugs-and-suggestions channel!

    I’ll continue adding new features to the sim + fixing bugs as they come up. Wishing you all a happy new year and see you at the next update!

    -XXL <3

    v0.9.1 Update 12/28/2023

    Rotating Stadium/Pokémon BREAK Cards: You can now rotate cards using the keybind [r]. This can be used for dual stadiums (e.g. Parallel City) as well as special conditions.

    Resetting Conditions: Evolving Pokémon now removes ability counters, special conditions, and rotates Pokémon upright.

    Active/Benched Pokémon Switching: Moving the active Pokémon to a target bench Pokémon now automatically switches the target Pokémon to the active zone. Battle log messages are also fixed.

    Revealing/Hiding versus Looking/Covering Cards: The process of flipping over cards is now divided into two types: revealing/hiding will show for both players (e.g. Town Map, Blacephalon UNB) while looking/covering only shows for the user who triggered the action (e.g. Hisuian Heavy Ball). Cards like Sidney/Grabber can work either by looking at/revealing the opponent's hand, or the opponent revealing their cards.
    NOTE: To put a face-down card from your hand in play, hide it in your hand using [z], and then move the card into play. Starting a turn will automatically reveal cards in play.

    Attaching Pokémon: There is now a "Change type" function that can be accessed by right-clicking on cards in the active/bench. Changing a Pokémon to a tool/energy type (e.g. Electrode EVO, Klefki STS) enables the correct attachment to other cards.

    Leaving cards in play: There is now a "Leave cards in play" button when dealing with attached cards to make handling cards like Devolution Spray easier.

    Prizes Sizing: Prizes now adjust size if a 7th prize is added (e.g. Xurkitree GX).
    Coming later this week:
    Thank you to everyone for the support these past three days. I'm going to continue working hard to add new features and fix bugs! Come say hi in the Discord channel :)


    Sponsors & Donations

    Hi everyone! I'm Michael/Xiao Xiao Long. I'm a 21-year-old from Guelph, Canada, who started programming in the fall of 2023. I've been playing the Pokémon TCG for over 8 years, and I spent the last 3 months building PTCG-sim, a free tool for the community to use to test and play our favorite card game.

    I publicly launched the sim on Christmas, and it has already grown an incredible community of players and developers. There’s a lot more to do, and I could use as much help as I can get!

    Should you find joy in using the sim and wish to support its ongoing development, you can sponsor me/the project through one of the links below. However, please know that sponsorship is completely optional. Your enjoyment of the sim is contribution enough, and I’m thrilled to have you as part of our community :)

    -XXL <3

    Github Sponsors Link

    Paypal Donation Link


    $5/mo - SoulSilver Tier $25/mo - HeartGold Tier $100/mo - Platinum Tier $15 - One-time Donation